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David Howser

For Kentucky State Representative – District 36

Service to our community began when David became a volunteer firefighter at the age of 17.  Serving as a volunteer developed into a lifelong career to include ascending to the top of the profession as a Fire Chief.  David’s passion for community service has not waned, and with your support, he look’s forward to the opportunity to serve as a Representative for the residents of the 36th District in eastern Jefferson County.

The Leadership Our State Needs

David Howser has served communities of eastern Jefferson County as a leader in the fire service for many years.   Known for empowering his personnel to function and perform within government entities with limited financial resources while providing an ever improving level of service to the communities they serve.  

In July of 2018, Chief Howser was instrumental in leading the merger of the Lyndon and St. Matthews Fire Protection Districts.  In this merger, he demonstrated leadership and his unwavering commitment to the well-being of his community above his personal needs for the greater good of the fire departments and his community. As a Representative for the 36th District David Howser will utilize his proven leadership skills to empower fellow legislators to do what is best for the residents of the 36th District and all the citizens of our Commonwealth.


A Vision For The Future

Thinking and acting strategically while developing and enacting policy should be embraced at all levels of our government.  With input from constituents of the 36th District I will continually assess legislation and its impact on the community within which we live.

As your Representative we will work together to create an environment that embraces innovation, development, fulfillment and improvement.  

My promise to you is that I will serve as an honest, disciplined, dedicated and trusted servant leader on your behalf.


Actionable Issues



Providing a quality education for all Kentucky students is a top priority. It is essential to establish a firm educational foundation for every Kentuckian and to equip our future workforce with the tools needed to succeed and enrich our communities.  Workforce development is key to luring quality businesses to our Commonwealth.

Tax Reform

Kentucky needs tax reform!  In order to attract businesses and additional workers into our state an overhaul of our existing tax system is needed.  Legislators need to take the first step by passing a constitutional amendment that Kentucky voters would then vote on to allow the General Assembly the opportunity to rethink state and local taxation.


Public Safety

With an honorable career in public safety, David Howser knows the importance of public safety in our communities and is aware of the many issues police, fire and EMS agencies are facing.  The future is not bright for the many first responder agencies across the state which we rely upon to protect our families and communities.  Recruitment and retention of citizens to serve in these roles grows more difficult by the day. Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS personnel are fleeing their services faster than new trained personnel can be brought in.  Many societal issues relate to each specific agency but many boil down to pay, benefits and willing workforce.

Sports Betting

In 2018 The United States Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on state authorization of sports betting.  This ruling opened the door for states to allow betting on sporting events. Since this ruling our state legislature has been unsuccessful in passing a bill that would permit sports betting.  It has been estimated that our Commonwealth could generate a new income stream of approximately $25 million in annual sports betting tax revenues.  Although it would only be a fraction of an offset to Kentucky’s annual budget of approximately $35 billion, it is something that can help this state’s desperate need for increased revenue. To me it is a shame that our legislators cannot pass a bill that stops revenue from streaming into surrounding states. As Louisville residents we all know, or heard of, individuals that simply cross the bridge to Indiana to place a bet on their phones.  This is a shame! If elected I will work in SUPPORT of legalizing sports betting in Kentucky.


2nd Amendment

David support’s the Second Amendment.  He is a proud gun owner and a member of the National Rifle Association and the entire immediate family still maintain Kentucky CCDW licenses, although no longer needed in Kentucky, but for the sole purpose of reciprocity to conceal carry in other states.


Contribute to a Cause

Your contribution will strengthen our campaign to help David Howser become the next State Representative for District 36. Every dollar counts to help David achieve the opportunity to work for you as a trusted voice in Frankfort!


About David Howser

David Howser was born in the old St. Joseph’s Infirmary in Louisville Kentucky.  He was raised in the Lyndon area by his parents Ralph and Mary Scott Howser.  He attended Zachary Taylor Elementary School and was a member of the last graduating class of Westport High School in 1981.

During his senior year at Westport, David joined the Lyndon Volunteer Fire Department at the age of 17 under the very close eye of Chief James S. Baker, Sr.  After graduating from Westport he attended the University of Kentucky for two years.  His passion for volunteering with the Lyndon Fire Department had him commuting to Louisville almost every weekend.  This passion for the fire service ultimately drove him back to Louisville where he obtained an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Fire Science from Jefferson Community College.

In 1984 David was one of five individuals hired as the first paid employees of the Lyndon Fire Department.  Shortly thereafter in 1986 he married his wife of 35 years, Margaret.  Since that time they have raised two children –  Jonathan, who served honorably for 5 years in the USMC and is now in his final year of Law School, and Emily, who is a nurse in a Louisville area hospital’s Neuro ICU Unit.

David was promoted to the position of Fire Chief of the Lyndon Fire Department after serving in many different roles over the years.   In 2018, David was named the Kentucky League of Cities Career Fire Chief of the Year by the Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs. The press release about the award said “…Chief David Howser is no stranger to Fire Service Leadership and described as a highly skilled professional. His daily interactions with his staff and outside parties demonstrate his leadership, dedication and concern for his community. His financial management and planning acumen are exceptional as described by the Lyndon Fire Board. He was instrumental in the merger of Lyndon Fire Protection District and St. Matthews Fire District. In this merger he demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the well being of his community above his personal needs for the greater good.”

Upon the merger of the two fire districts David Howser took on the role of Assistant Fire Chief of Administration with the new St. Matthews Fire & EMS service.  In 2018 Governor Matt Bevin appointed Chief Howser to serve on the board of the Kentucky Fire Commission.  During this period he also served as the 3rd District Vice President of the Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs and Chairman of the association’s Legislative Committee.  As the Legislative Chair Chief Howser is a regular in the halls of the State Capitol Annex where he represents the fire service and works with our lawmakers to address issues impacting emergency services within the Commonwealth.  David Howser now stands ready to continue his service to his community by representing the constituents in eastern Jefferson County as their next Representative of District 36.


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Mission & Values

“Kentucky First” mentality – Many have heard business and political campaigns refer to the slogan “America First”, which I fully support, but I will serve and act with a “Kentucky First” mentality.  I will work to promote policies that allow businesses, small and large alike, to grow and flourish. Ineffective, costly, or antiquated regulations that hamper business’ need to be removed. Cleaning up regulations will make Kentucky more competitive to attract industry, thus creating jobs. More jobs creates more taxpayers to support the essential services of our state government.


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